Program Overview

Application period May 13 – June 23, 2024

ANELP is open to Alaska Native and American Indian ANTHC employees.

The Alaska Native Executive Leadership Program (ANELP) is the smallest cohort, with the most APU modules, comprised of participants with several years of managerial level and above work experience. Participants meet with a mentor monthly, complete a development plan, attend 9 (1 credit) modules at APU, and interact with the executive leadership to complement and integrate their learnings from APU. As current leaders they share their knowledge with the Pathways to Leadership and Leadership Excellence through Advancement and Determination cohorts by presenting during one of their core trainings. 

Cohort is a maximum of 3.

Executive sponsorship is required for admission into ANELP.  

APU Modules​: 

  1. Tools for Success (MBA 55000)
  2. ANSCA History and Context (MBA 60910)
  3. Leadership Styles and Effective Communication (MBA 60920)
  4. ​​​​​​​​Leading Your Human Resources (MBA 60930)
  5. High Performing Organizations (MBA 60940)
  6. ​​​​​​​​Budgeting and Planning for Sustainability and Growth (MBA 60950)
  7. Federal Government Contracting (MBA 60960)
  8. Evaluating Options: Valuation, Risk Management & Diversification (MBA 60970)
  9. Strategy Development and Implementation (MBA 60980)
  10. Working Effectively with Your Board of Directors (MBA 60990)

ANTHC Employee General Eligibility for ANELP

​​​In addition to being Alaska Native or Native American, to meet minimum eligibility requirements one must:

  • Be a full time employee, including designated groups of employees who work “regular full time” at 36 hours per week
  • By Program Kick Off in September have been an ANTHC employee for a minimum of fifteen months
  • Have no corrective actions, and be in “good standing” for the past fifteen months;
  • Have received a “meets expectations” (or higher) on Annual Performance Evaluation or employees who haven’t received an evaluation must obtain a Letter of Recommendation from their supervisor. 


  • Applicants must wait one year between applying for the next program, i.e. a 2021 Pathways graduate may apply for the 2022-2023 LEAD program. 
  • Impacts of withdrawing, or being removed, from a program
    • Participants must wait one year before applying, i.e. 2021 participant withdrew for health reasons, or removed for Corrective Action, is eligible to apply for a 2022-2023 program.  

ANELP Specific Requirements

Strong written, oral, and presentation skills are needed, participants must be able to turn in graduate-level writing for the APU modules​.


  • Have a minimum of three (3) years of managerial-level (or above) work experience,
  • Currently hold a leadership position​, and
  • Have a Bachelors degree  


  • Have a minimum of three (3) years of managerial-level (or above) work experience,
  • Currently hold a leadership position, and
  • Be a LEAD Graduate 

Program Requirements for Graduation

All events are required in person

  • Attend Program Orientation
  • Attend Program Kick Off
  • Complete 8 of the 9 APU modules (maintain Academic Good Standing)
  • Collaborate and Schedule all Corporate Specific Trainings
  • Complete 4 of the 4 Working Sessions
  • Attend ANTHC Annual Meeting
  • Attend Advisory Council Meeting
  • Attend two leadership book club discussions
  • Have a mentor, meet with them monthly
  • Be a mentor to a Pathways participant, meet with them monthly
  • Complete Leadership Master Class: Change Management
  • Complete 9 hours of community service (outside your normal networks or volunteer activities)
  • Complete 4 job shadows, one in CBSS, CHS, DEHE, ANMC (8 hours each) (with an executive (chief, president or senior director in their title)
  • Create and deliver 1-hour presentation to Leadership Program Alumni Network (working with the leadership program managers to identify topic)
  • Create and deliver 1-hour presentation to LEAD Program, The Rights of Indians and Tribes
  • Create and deliver 1-hour presentation to LEAD Certified Manager Track
  • Create and deliver 1-hour presentation to Pathways Program, Alaska Native Cultures and Issues
  • Maintain ANTHC “Good standing”
  • Write a personal leadership philosophy statement


Application period is May 13 – June 23, 2024    

The following items must be submitted for a complete ANELP application:

  1. ANELP Application 
  2. Current Curriculum vitae or Resume
  3. Leadership Development Plan
  4. Personal Statement, 2 pages in length stating:
    • Who you are, why you are applying for this leadership program and what strengthens you will bring to the program;
    • Your short-term and long-term goals, and how you think the leadership development program will help you to achieve your goals;
    • Current or past leadership roles you have held, including an example of your best leadership experience and what you learned from it. (Experience may include being a supervisor, manager, or leading community or volunteer types of activities.);
    • Why you work in Tribal Health;​
    • What you think are the most important attributes a leader in Tribal Health should have and why.
  5. Please note that other documents will be required for admission to Alaska Pacific University (APU) 

Selection Process

  • Complete the application. 
  • Eligible applicants names will be forwarded to the executive leadership. 
  • Executive leadership will meet to determine who ANTHC will sponsor. 
  • Applicants will be notified if they have been selected for the program. 

Additional ANELP Program Information


Contact the Human Resources Training and Development team at or by calling 907-729-1301