Leadership Excellence through Advancement and Determination (LEAD)

Program overview

New for the 2022 – 2023 program year, LEAD will have two tracks. Track 2 is designed for those who are interested in earning a Certified Manager Certification, the original LEAD Tract 1 is designed for those who want to continue their formal education.

LEAD is a nine month program, starting with the Kickoff and Program Orientation in September and ending with the Graduation in May. Participants attend monthly core trainings, either complete five 1-credit modules at Alaska Pacific University (APU) or complete a Certified Manager Certification, meet with internal and external mentors, complete a job shadow, attend the Annual Meeting, attend an executive meeting, complete community service hours, attend networking events, and propose a project to the executive team.

During the ANTHC core trainings, participants gain a better understanding of management and leadership skills from having discussions and listening to internal and external guest speakers.

Track 1: The weekend Modules at APU are all day Friday (8am to 5pm) and all day Saturday for one (1) weekend a month, November through March; all credits go towards a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Those with their undergraduate degree will receive 600-level credits and those without their undergraduate degree may attend and receive 400-level credits.

Track 2: The Friday, Certified Manager days are 8am to 5pm are designed to complement and supplement the textbook material and prepare participants to take the three exams for Certification. Remote workers are eligible to apply to this track only.  


  • Earn either a Certified Manager Certification or 5 credits at APU
  • Earn CE Credits 
  • Solidify your foundation of Tribal Sovereignty, the federal trust responsibility and Indian Civil Rights Act
  • Expand your network, internally and externally
  • Gain insight into high level meetings 
  • Institutional awareness 
  • Improve self awareness and self knowledge 
  • Determine your best influencing strategy 

Possible core training topics include:

  • Importance of effective communication
  • Metrics and risk management
  • Building organizational capabilities for change
  • Leading effectively
  • Public speaking
  • Process improvement in leadership development

Track 1 APU Modules (for 400 or 600-level credit)

  • MBA 55001 Tools for Success-AU
  • MBA 60203 Effective Communication
  • MBA 60300 Metrics and Risk Management
  • MBA 60601 Decision Making and Risk Analysis
  • MBA 60404 Building Org Capabilities for Change
  • MBA 60501 Leading Effective Organizations​

Track 2 Certified Manager Textbooks

  • Certified Manager I:​Management Essentials – Test 1 in December
  • Certified Manager II: Planning and Organizing – Test 2 in February
  • Certified Manager III: Leading and Controlling – Test 3 in March

The cohort is a maximum of 10.

  • Track 1 (APU) maximum of 5.
  • Track 2 (Certified Manager Certification) maximum of 5.  

Applying for the LEAD program

Apply June 1- 26, 2022 for the 2022 – 2023 LEAD program year. 

The following items must be submitted for a complete LEAD application:

  1. LEAD Application 
  2. Current Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  3. Leadership Program Development Plan
  4. Personal Statement, 1-2 pages in length, stating:
    1. Who you are, why you work in Tribal Health, and what your motivation for applying to LEAD is.
    2. Your short-term and long-term goals, and how participating in LEAD will help you achieve them.
    3. What leadership means to you and how you demonstrate or role model leadership in your current position. 
    4. Following your participation in LEAD, how you will reinvent yourself both personally and professionally. ​
  5. Program Time & Obligations​ form
    1. Signed by applicant and applicant’s supervisor


Selection Process

  • Complete online application 
  • Complete interview 
  • Committee reviews all applicants and scores
  • Applicants notified of acceptance into LEAD
    • Track 1 note: complete Alaska Pacific University required documents
    • Track 2 note: ​complete Institute of Certified Professional Managers required documents

Program Requirements for Graduation

  • Participate in 6 of the 7 Core Trainings
  • Discussion Board posts
    • Introduction post
    • 7 of 9 months of monthly success story, accomplishment(s), or lesson learned 
  • Maintain ANTHC “Good Standing”
  • Attend 2 Networking events, outside your normal networks
  • Complete 8 hours of community service, outside your normal networks or volunteer activities
  • Complete 1 job shadow (8 hours, can be completed over 2 4-hour days) with an executive (chief, president, or senior director in their title)
  • Attend 1 ANTHC executive meeting (CET)
  • Attend the Program Kickoff, including Program Orientation, in person
  • Attend ANTHC’s Annual Meeting
  • Have one ANTHC mentor (meet with them 7 of the 9 months for at least 1 hour each time), excluding your supervisor
  • Have one external ANTHC mentor (meet with them 7 o f the 9 months for at least 1 hour each time)
  • Complete a Project Proposal, including Executive Summary, to improve service or quality within the Alaska Tribal Health System
  • Present Project Proposal to the executive leadership team, in person
  • Attend and participate in two ANTHC Leadership Book Club discussions of your choice (must read books)
  • Deliver 1-hour presentation to Pathways to Leadership Program, Core Training theme  
  • Write a Personal Vision Statement

Track 1: Alaska Pacific University – additional requirements

  • Complete 4 of the 5 APU modules (maintain Academic Good Standing)

Track 2: Certified Manager Certification – additional requirements/exception 

  • Attend 4 of the 5 CM days
  • Pass all 3 Certified Manager exams
  • Facilitate one of the ANTHC Leadership Book Club discussion
  • For LEAD graduates in the past 5 years who created and delivered a Project ​proposal, creating a new project proposal is OPTIONAL